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Do you need to Detoxify?

A message on detox from one of our associates:

 I have been sitting here reading some posts about the people that are taking TruVision combo for weeks and not being able to feel anything or lose anything.

I have to give some of my professional perspective. 

I have been a reflexologist and a detox technician for 18 years. I want to explain something about detoxifying your body, everyone is toxic to a degree, some more than others. The more toxic you are the more patient you have to be. I have had clients get reflex and they are so congested that they cannot feel anything that I am doing thou I can tell that the areas I'm working on need attention. It usually takes weeks for me to break through that congestion in their bodies. 

Not until I have broken through that do they even start to feel the tenderness of their reflexes, then i have to work on them for several more weeks to fix the problem. So when someone doesn't feel anything or isn't losing anything for weeks or months know that what they're putting in their body is breaking through years of built up toxins. So not until your body becomes balanced & detoxed can it do what it needs to do.

 PLEASE be patient with this product in the long run you will be so glad you did.   :-) 

Are You Suffering From Toxins Overload?

Tick off questions that are true. If you answer “yes” to at least 5 questions, you are likely to benefit from a detox. The more “yes” you answer to, the more and longer you will need to go on a detox program.

This is not a comprehensive list but is a good start to check if you might benefit from a detox. It is not meant to diagnose. Always check with your doctor before you go on any detox program, especially if you are suffering from any health conditions or are on some kind of medication.

TruVision Products brings on a natural detox in the system. Most everyone encounters this and the experience for each is often different. 

Toxins Overload Checklist: YES/NO

 1.  Do you have difficulty sleeping?______

 2.  Do you have difficulty waking up in the morning?______

 3.  Do you have a weight problem?______

 4.  Do you usually feel tired and lethargic?______

 5.  Do you frequently suffer from headaches and migraine attacks?______

 6.  Do you suffer from bloating or gas in the stomach?______

 7.  Do you suffer from clenched muscles and muscles cramps in the calves?______

 8.  Do you have difficulty to concentrate and maintaining concentration?______

 9.  Do you suffer from sinus or nasal congestion?______

10. Do you suffer from chronic constipation or diarrhea?______

11. Do you suffer from frequent mood swings, anxiety, bouts of depression or a sense of hopelessness___

12. Are you frequently stressed and feel irritable?______

13. Do you have aches and pains in your joints that are constant or that keep recurring?______

14. Does your skin look dull; or do you suffer from skin problems such as acne, eczema or psoriasis______

15. Do you catch a cold or fall sick easily?______

16. Do you smoke, live with a smoker, or work in a polluted/toxic environment?______

17. Do you drink more than two servings of coffee, soft drinks or alcohol daily?______

18. Do you have amalgam/mercury fillings in your teeth?______

19. Do you have any food sensitivities/allergies/intolerance?______

20. Do you eat micro-waved foods frequently?______

21. Do your foods consist of mostly meat and very little fruits and vegetables?______

22. Have you done any surgery before; or are you on any long-term medication?______


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