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Dynamine... the next best thing

When it comes to stimulants, everyone wants the “next big thing.”  Well, Dynamine is
already being touted as the next hot mood and energy enhancer on the
market.  With studies being conducted currently, industry insiders are at
the edge of their seats.

Created by one of the most innovative companies on the market, Dynamine is a close
relative to their already highly sought after product, TeaCrine – only Dynamine
is said to pack a harder punch in a shorter period of time and is active longer
than other stimulants on the market.  It is said that the effects of
Dynamine can stretch out as far as three hours.  When combined with a
pre-workout or fat burner formula, Dynamine can give you the energy you need
faster, allowing you to skip the long wait before the effects can be felt.

Dynamine is commonly referred to as methyl liberine and is a pure alkaloid which is
naturally occurring.  Its official molecular formula is 2-methoxy-1,7,9
Tetramethyluric acid.  Due to its specific molecular formula, it can more
easily cross membranes for overall better absorption rates and delivery. 
Dynamine, naturally, can be found in various forms of coffee beans, tea, and
Kuding extract.

Being that Dynamine produces similar effects to caffeine, you can expect to see improved energy,
enhanced performance, and better focus thanks to the ingredient activating
dopamine receptors in the body along with other key neurotransmitters. 
What’s even better is that you gain all of these benefits without any change in
your blood pressure or heart rate – which are common side effects of heavy

What can you expect to experience when using Dynamine?

·        Increases in energy

·        Improvements in mood

·        Creates laser-like focus

·        Starts working extremely quickly

·        Lasts up to three hours

·        No crash or jitters

·        No change in blood pressure or heart rate

Who does Dynamine cater to?

Dynamine is for those looking to increase their energy and mental focus, whether it be
throughout the day or before workouts without feeling the harsh side effects commonly
associated with stimulants.  With long-lasting effects, Dynamine can help
improve your productivity throughout the day while also getting you through the
most grueling workouts in the gym.  With the added focus benefit from the
nootropic properties, you may find you’re able to acquire a much better
mind-muscle connection during your workouts where you have the ability to focus
on squeezing more out of each rep to aid in creating micro-tears and breaking
down muscle fibers.  Additionally, with the enhancements in energy and
oxygen uptake, you have the capability to burn more fat and calories throughout
the day – potentially helping you with your weight loss or recomposition goals.


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